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The Photo Story Continues…

Cordoba, back in 2008

If you are a lover of photos of Spain and all things Spanish please check out my Instagram feed, @notesinspanish It’s where I’ll be posting all my best Spain photos for now.

NFS Spain Photos

Wandering the Markets of Madrid

Yesterday I went for a wander around the market in Anton Martin, Madrid. Unlike other old barrio markets in Madrid, this one is still doing pretty well, with plenty of customers milling about and buying from the stalls. The final photo of the man with the pipe is in the Plaza Mayor.

Fruit shop, Madrid

Fish Stall, Anton Martin Market, Madrid

Fish Stall, Anton Martin Market, Madrid

Beans and lentils, Market, Madrid

Plaza Mayor, Madrid

NFS Spain Photos

El Escorial – A Beautiful Walk

El Escorial - Walking to La Casa Del Principe

There is a stunning walk in El Escorial, from just below the monastery down to the Casa Del Principe. The warm, pine-scented wind and total silence accompany you down towards the station at the bottom of the hill.

NFS Spain Photos

Cadiz Old Town

Cadiz Old Town

One from my photo archives – Cadiz old town is one of the most intriguing places in Spain, it transports you to different eras at every turn. Go and see it some time!

Over at Notes in Spanish: More Photos, and Fun Spanish Food and Snacks Vocab

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The Happiest Cow in Spain

He may have a bit of mud to contend with, but have you seen his view? Only in Asturias…

Happy Cow in Asturias

And a gentle trot down the track brings him to the magnificent Playa de Cuevas del Mar. Lucky Cow.

Playa de Cuevas del Mar, Asturas - Beach

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Sunny Madrid

Madrid Retiro Park

Photo – Madrid’s Retiro Park

It’s still unseasonably sunny here – I mean it’s sunny every day, hardly a cloud in the sky – no snow this year. That was one of the things that most impressed me about Madrid when I first moved here 13 years ago, opening the curtains in the morning (or the shutters, to be more precise), and seeing bright blue skies, rather than the grey gloom I’d been used to for 3 years of London winters previously.

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Autumn in Madrid’s Retiro Park

Retiro, Palacio de Cristal Lake - HDR

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The Spanish Revolution Continues – Notes from Spain Podcast 79

[Download MP3]

Ben and Marina discuss on-going events in “The Spanish Revolution”.

Other links mentioned in the podcast:

Our Cazorla coverage
The 150 posters and slogans from the Sol encampment
The best one of all, from this South of Watford post
– Rosa Diez’s party mentioned in the podcast (that we couldn’t remember the name of!) is Unión Progreso y Democracia (explained on wikipedia here)
Our Spanish learning site: Notes in Spanishnew videos up for Spanish learners!

And Finally… 2 Videos

The first, from 4Ojos, shows life under the awnings in the Puerta del Sol encampment at its height, just a day before the May 22nd elections:

And this wonderful video (in Spanish) that is doing the rounds at the moment that really explains the whole mess in Spanish politics and economics about as well as anyone could hope to:

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Photo Wander Madrid

A wander from Atotcha up to the Plaza Santa Ana this morning shows that, despite myriad changes, Madrid is still the same old Madrid, and Spain is still fantastically Spanish… Much of what I saw reminded me of the city as I first found it, 12 years ago…

Here a lottery seller stands in the Paseo del Prado, the week’s previous results pinned to the tree behind him:

Lottery Seller, Paseo del Prado, Madrid

And still the bright red, back-breaking Bombonas (gas bottles) are a viable source of city energy in 2011… Fiambres (ham, chorizo etc) and Frutos Secos (nuts) are a viable source of human energy too!

Fiambres and Bombonas, Huertas, Madrid

Nacional products, like these walnuts, are still considered to be highly superior:

Walnuts in shop display, Madrid

Spot the odd can out (hint, by Heinz!):

Canned food, shop display, Madrid

Posters on a closed-down fish market advertise a protest organised under the slogan “Joventud Sin Futuro – Sin Casa, Sin Curro, Sin Pensión, Sin Miedo” (Youth without a future – no house, no work, no pension, no fear):

Protest posters, Huertas, Madrid

The walk was roughly this:

More good stuff: Did you catch yesterday’s podcast?

NFS Spain Photos

Palacio de Cristal, Retiro Park, Madrid

I was poking around on Twitter (me here) recently, and found a link to Stuck in Customs, which has some amazing HDR photos on… which rekindled my interest in photography. Wonderful how the web can do that. Above is a first new HDR experiment (bigger here). Great fun!