Errant in Iberia – A New Life In Spain

errant cover

I did nothing but dream about moving to Spain until, one day, another minute in London threatened to push me over the edge!

This book is the inspirational true story of what it’s like to move to a new country with absolutely nothing, then really live your dreams…

Turning up in Madrid without a word of Spanish, Ben soon finds a job, beautiful language exchanges, amazing journeys to the depths of Spain, and wild fiestas.

Then he meets Marina, buys a scarily run-down flat in Madrid’s wild Lavapies neighbourhood, and really takes the cultural plunge.

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Some Reviews of Errant in Iberia…

“A thoroughly engaging, well-written autobiography… You immediately feel a part of the journey, and you don’t want it to end.” review

“I really was very pleasantly surprised. It’s a warm book; it’s an honest book; it’s a funny book.” review

“Ben has a real gift for anecdote (reminiscent of Bill Bryson) and also for evocative description, and if you read the first few pages I predict you’ll stay with it to the end.” review

“This book gives a great insight into life in Madrid as a foreigner. I could not wait to continue reading it each day. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in living in Spain or just for pure escapism. Well done.” review

Available from Amazon: – and all other Amazon stores.