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The Spanish Revolution Continues – Notes from Spain Podcast 79

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Ben and Marina discuss on-going events in “The Spanish Revolution”.

Other links mentioned in the podcast:

Our Cazorla coverage
The 150 posters and slogans from the Sol encampment
The best one of all, from this South of Watford post
– Rosa Diez’s party mentioned in the podcast (that we couldn’t remember the name of!) is Unión Progreso y Democracia (explained on wikipedia here)
Our Spanish learning site: Notes in Spanishnew videos up for Spanish learners!

And Finally… 2 Videos

The first, from 4Ojos, shows life under the awnings in the Puerta del Sol encampment at its height, just a day before the May 22nd elections:

And this wonderful video (in Spanish) that is doing the rounds at the moment that really explains the whole mess in Spanish politics and economics about as well as anyone could hope to:

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Big Vultures in Sepulveda – Notes from Spain Podcast 78


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Ben and Marina are back, talking about Sepulveda (photo above), the Hoces Del Rio Duratón, life in the Barrio and more…. Leave us a comment if you’ve listened, or have a question or topic for the next podcast.

More photos… A typical Castilla y Leon roadside landscape:

Castilla y Leon Landscape

A view over the valley below Sepulveda town:

View from Sepulveda town

Amusing sign on the wall in Sepulveda:

Sign on the wall in Sepulveda

Where to find Sepulveda:

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Los Gazquez – Notes from Spain Podcast 77

Los Gazquez Art

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This past week we headed to Almería to polish up my art skills, and talk to Simon at the Cortijada Los Gazquez, an incredible restored country house in a wild Natural Park in Almeria.

The house is totally off-grid, has some amazing eco-enhancements making it almost entirely energy and resource-independent, and tremendous art projects on the go, including creative art courses and artist residencies.

Listen to the podcast above, see some more images from our stay below, and do consider a trip to check out the amazing Los Gazquez experience:

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Summer Salad Days – Notes from Spain Podcast 76

Distant view of Madrid

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Been a while, but here’s another fantastico Notes from Spain podcast! It’s hot at last, we’re all loosing the seasonal depression that no-one knew you could get in Spain, I’m getting in trouble over how to eat salad, whilst coping with the biggest culture shock I’ve had in years: how to map my childhood experience onto the Spanish education system so I can make intelligent decisions about the future of my own offspring….

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The Bilingual Battle and Leaving Madrid – Notes from Spain Podcast 75

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Ben and Marina record a new podcast about the battle for our baby’s language skills, why we want to leave Madrid, the trouble with summer in Madrid, and baby timetables in Spain.

Comments welcome!

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Notes From Ben – Notes from Spain Podcast 74

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Thoughts on Christmas in Spain, changes (or not) in Spain, the future of this blog and more…

Stuff mentioned in the podcast:

Spanish New Years Podcast

Watch “El Comisario” on the net

Pure Genius by Dan Sullivan (Worth every cent 100 times over. And not just for “entrepreneurs”)

Follow me on twitter … if you’re into that stuff 🙂

Please comment below!

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Asturian Blowholes – Notes from Spain Podcast 73

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Puertas de Vidiago, walk to the sea...

A slightly Random podcast from the wonderful north of Spain… photos and more video coming soon!

Here is the info promised in the podcast on where we stayed and ate:

Hotel La Torre: Tel: 676 06 33 44 – 985 41 11 33

Casa Poli. Address: Opposite the above hotel in Puertas de Vidiago! Tel: 985 411 217 / 985 411 142

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La Renta: Tax for the Church – Notes from Spain Podcast 72

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Questions raised in this episode:

1. Is it fair that tax payers in Spain should be forced to decide whether to give a percentage of their tax bill either to the Catholic church or ‘social causes’? Shouldn’t we be given more choices? What does the church do with the money?

2. As people continue to pay good money to visit the place the Virgin Mary last appeared to three shepherds, how religious is Spain?

3. As Turkey also decides on a total smoking ban in public places, how long can Spain hold out? When will they finally ban smoking in bars and restaurants here as well?

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Heading to the Costa de la Luz – Notes from Spain Podcast 71

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Photo: Cabo de Trafalgar, Caños de Meca

Marina and I have just spent 5 days in Andalusia. Join us via the podcast, and check out the rest of the photos on Flickr.

Travel Notes:

In Carmona we stayed at the extremely clean and pleasant Hotel Alcazar de la Reina, which we got a good deal on via (always worth checking before phoning hotels directly). It’s worth checking if they have a room at the Carmona Parador though too if you can afford it!

In Cadiz we ate at Cumbres Mayores, the best tapas bar in town, and stayed at the very well placed Cortes de Cadiz (booking directly with the hotel).

Photo: El Palomar de la Breña

On the coast we stayed at the incredible Palomar de la Breña, a stunning 19th century Finca surrounded by rolling pastures, lanes lined with wildflowers, and wooded valleys. Go and see it for yourself (and if your Spanish is up to it, chat to the Spanish owner about the history of the region, he is a mine of really interesting information).

Finally, one of my oldest friends, Tom, has a family house that they rent out in Vejer de la Frontera, in the very middle of this wonderful area. I haven’t visited the house yet (soon!) but it looks fantastic and I do know the town – one of the prettiest white hilltop Andalusian villages I’ve seen, which majestic views across to the coast. I thought it deserved a good plug here too!

The main locations from the trip are marked on this map:

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When Spanish Women Wax – Notes from Spain Podcast 70

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Why does no one wear shorts in the street? Will Carme Chacón, the new Defense minister, change the lot of Spanish women forever? Is there a housing crisis in Spain? And is Marina going to have to get the police onto the neighbours? Listen and find out!

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