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Ramirez and the Spanish Classical Guitar – NFS Podcast 68

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Ramirez Guitars Workshop, Madrid

The Ramirez family has been making classical and flamenco guitars in Madrid for over 125 years. We visited their workshops in Madrid, spoke to Amalia Ramirez (pictured at work below), and heard a professional musician play one of these world-famous instruments in their shop, near Madrid’s Puerta del Sol.

Listen to the podcast, check out all the photos on Flickr (try the slideshow!), and read on below for more information on everything mentioned in the podcast.

Amalia Ramirez at work

More information:

Wikipedia has great information on the Classical guitar, Andres Segovia, and Paco de Lucia: see these two at work below…

Andres de Segovia:

What Paco de Lucia does on Stage:

For more information on Ramirez guitars you can visit their website.

Once again we would like to thank Mike for suggesting the Ramirez podcast. If there are any aspects of Spanish culture that you would like us to cover in future podcasts, please do comment below or write in and let us know. We really appreciate any suggestions.