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Three Random Facts About the Spanish

1. Spanish people almost never tip on a Menu del Dia

This is explained patiently to me time and again. There is no need to tip if you have the set, 3 course menu del dia lunch. We know that tipping in Spain is by no means obligatory (5% is about right for good service at dinner), but few people will tip for one of these marvelously good value lunches.

2. Bananas must come from the Canary Islands

And if they come from anywhere else, many a Spaniard will rather go banana-less until the next shipment comes in.

3. Indian Restaurants Sugar their Spiciness

Most Spaniards do not like hot, as in chilli-hot, food. So many Indian (and other ethnic) restaurants actually add sugar to their curries to bring down the scorch factor.

Any random Spain facts of your own to add in the comments?