Spain Travel

Finding the nightlife in Spain

One of the most useful phrases I learned in my first year in Spain was:

¿Donde esta la marcha? – Where is the nightlife?

As my friend Alistair and I traveled from city to city in search of fun and photographic subjects for possible exhibitions (full story here, plug plug!), we never bothered looking in a guidebook to work out how to find the best of the city’s entertainment at night. We just asked the locals…

¿Donde esta la marcha? would elicit a string of information from passers-by about which bar-filled lane to head to from, say, 9.30 pm until midnight, where everyone went for copas after that, and which disco was best from 2 a.m. onwards. Plus we got chatting to the people we asked, which lead to other adventures along the way…

What’s the most useful phrase you use in Spain?