Weekly links, and cheating chops!

The New York Times has a good run down on Bilbao

Andalucid is Chumbo hunting!

Abadia Retuerta (from our winery podcast) wants you to win their salt!

Mojacar-based Lenox writes at the Spanish Shilling: “There are, broadly speaking, three different types of Britons coming to Spain – if you consider this part of the Iberian peninsular as being ‘Spain’ since most towns around here now have more foreigners than they do locals.”

And finally… our latest advanced Spanish podcast on the Spanish education system mentions a subject I have always found quite amazing – that it seems quite common for kids to cheat in exams in Spanish schools. This usually involves the typical scribbled notes on the hem of a skirt, the palm of a hand, even etched onto the side of a biro with a pin! And what are these secret cheat-notes called? Una chuleta, yup, the same word as ‘meat chop’!