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Getting Back into Photography, and Bolonia Beach…

Dunes, Bolonia

I read a great post about photowalking the other day, and have been inspired to start taking my good camera everywhere with me again (my EOS 350 SLR, as opposed to the wonderful but less dynamic Ixus 700).

I used to be an avid photographer, but in recent times have let it slip – there is just two much extra media to play with (audio, video, writing…) Let’s see what happens. The image above (large version) was taken in Bolonia, Costa de la Luz, one of my favourite beaches on the planet, which thankfully is not winning in the ‘Best Beach’ competition – please take time to vote for one of the other finalists, to keep Bolonia off the map!

And don’t forget to check out our Notes from Spain flickr group every now and again, there are some inspiring photos on there. Why not add one of yours?