Spanish Food and Drink Tapas of the week

Happiness is… a “tube” of Spanish beer and Tapas

Tapas and beer!

Spanish beer is served up in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, but nothing beats the good old fashioned tubo pictured above… Though the tapas in the picture usually provoke a collective groan from my friends and I – there’s just something too pink about this particular brand of embutido (I’ll even take bog-standard olives over this stuff!)

At the other end of the tapas scale you have this, Tortilla Paisana, the mother of all omelettes!

Tapas and beer!

OK, so the tapas in the first picture are free, and you always have to pay for tortilla this magnificent, but Tortilla Paisana is worth a every centimo. Look at it! It’s a meal in itself! What distinguishes the Tortilla Paisana from your average slab of potato and eggs? Apart from it’s size, it usually includes other delectable ingredients such as chorizo, red peppers, even peas!

Commonly found in Asturian bars and restaurants, where food is always large!