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Comment of the week – List of non-smoking bars and restaurants in Spain

Hurray! I’ve been looking for this for ages, and now regular NFS commenter Parubin has found it! Here’s his great comment, from an earlier post, in full:

@ Sandy : “Is there any website we can see a list of smoking and non-smoking establishments in Spain?”

There is :

In the horizontal Menu Bar select ‘Ocio Sin Humos’ and then ‘Buscador’ (or better you can have this website in English, by clicking on the British flag select ‘Free-Smoke Enterteinment’ and then ‘Search’).

Then you can choose between ‘Bares y Cafeterí­as’, ‘Restaurantes’ and ‘Discotecas y Pubs’ narrowing your search by city, town or postal code.

It is the owners of the venues who choose to join the lists of this website, so I’d say there are more places than those listed there.

As an example, in Madrid city there are listed :
– 139 bares y cafeterí­as.
– 297 restaurantes
– and only just 1 pub?? 😦

Thanks to Sandy for the quesion, and Parubin for the link we’ve all been waiting for. Shame there are no non-smoking bars or restaurants listed in my corner of Madrid!