ZP / PSOE Win Elections… thank goodness…

OK, so that isn’t a very unbiased headline, but there is something so unappealing about the Partido Popular these days, that I really didn’t want them to crawl their way back into power again.

For deep analysis of the voting, see the BBC, or the front page of any major Spanish news site (El Mundo has pretty charts). Suffice is to say that although the PSOE once again failed to get an absolute majority, they did better than last time.

One final word, then no more politics on this blog for some time:

What I’d like to see the PSOE do over the next 4 years

– Find a new approach to the internal terrorism problem, and solve it once and for all

– Improve the lot of, and respect for, immigrants

– Find a way to make sure the economy doesn’t collapse when the construction trade tumbles

– Ban smoking in bars and restaurants, in line with so many other western European countries

What would you add to the list?