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Late Rant on Spain Giant Casino Idea Madness

I know this news is about a 2 weeks old, but what the hell is the Aragon Local Government thinking by signing off on this giant casino complex project? (Stupid question, they’re thinking about money of course).

The basic idea is that a beautiful area of wild countryside is going to be turned into the European version of Las Vegas (as if the world needed another Las Vegas…) I suggest you go and read the full story in the Guardian, which states that the project includes “32 casinos, 70 hotels, 232 restaurants and 500 shops”. How lovely.

Once you’ve read it, come back and tell me what on earth the world is coming to when local government votes for sordid, massive, gambling emporium commercial-nightmare-cityscapes over its timeless, irreplaceable natural habitats? Spain The planet truly is in a sorry state.

Further thoughts:

Having seen the sicky promotional video, I think:

1 – Many Spaniards will love it
2 – It includes many lakes and Golf courses, in an area already described as ‘desert’. Good bye water table.