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Newsflash! – Some Spaniards can’t take Christmas either!

Having just returned from the UK, in the mid-madness break between Christmas and New Year, I was delighted to overhear the following conversation in our local Supermarket, between two ordinary, middle-aged Spanish women:

“¿Qué tal Nochebuena?”
“Un coñazo, un coñazo que te cagas…”

Which roughly translates as:

– How was Christmas Eve? (traditional huge family dinner)
– A nightmare, a total *!#*·$-ing nightmare

They then proceeded to lament, in even more colourful language, the fact that all the New Year meals haven’t even started yet!

Which just goes to show, even the average Spaniard finds Christmas in Spain too much sometimes. Oh, and that the average Spaniard swears like a trooper, but we already knew that 🙂