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Back in Madrid… & Spanish Men in BMW’s


Tree house seen in Sierra – hope kid never takes up architecture
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We just got back to the capital after spending 10 days in the Sierra to the north of the city. We got a lot of work done, saw almost no-one, and breathed a lot of fresh air. It was wonderful. As we drove into Madrid Marina asked me how it felt to be back. Not too bad. She dropped me off at the door to our building with all our bags, and then headed off to park in the underground car park around the corner. When she finally got upstairs she looked distinctly unhappy to be back in Madrid.

Apparently, as she turned onto the ramp down into the basement car park, another car was on its way up. So, she stopped, and began to reverse back out onto the street to let him up. Unfortunately another car was now coming down the road towards Marina, and stopped so close that she couldn’t reverse out enough to let the car coming up the ramp out. She turned and looked at the guy behind, a 50-something man in a BMW, and he crossed his arms in defiance and shook his head, making it clear he would not move, even though he had no cars behind him.

Marina got out, went up to his car, and asked if he would please move back so she could in turn reverse further and let the other guy out. He said no, he would not reverse (we’re talking 2 metres!), that she would have to go forward, drive round the block, and come back instead (which would take about 3 minutes!) At this point the famous Spanish caracter came into play, and Marina gave him a piece of her mind. He promptly reversed the 2 metres, allowing Marina to do the same and let the other guy up, who, of course, drove off without a word of thanks.

Another fine example of why Spanish women have had to learn to take no s*#t! (…and how a lot of people in big cities, or big cars, are complete w*#+!rs …)