Spain links of the week

Rod finishes a great series on information and ideas for studying at Spanish language schools.

Ryan and Gabriella gather a selection of the blogosphere’s favourite reasonably priced Spanish wines.

When everything goes wrong in Pamplona: photos not for the faint hearted…

Lots of you are moving to Spain. Inspiring people – good luck! And all announced on July 11th!

“I just didn’t realise at the time how neanderthal the Spanish right is compared to much of Europe…” – more excellent political commentary from South of Watford, who remembers Miguel íngel Blanco, whose assassination by ETA sparked national outrage 10 years ago.

“Earlier this week, up near Ourense, a truck carrying 48 fighting bulls overturned […] 4 escaped. These were last seen running eastwards in the direction of Pamplona…” From the excellent Thoughts from Galicia.

Notes in Spanish TV has a new episode from Thailand.

See anything good on the web this week?