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5 Reasons why it’s great to be back in Spain

After 3 wonderful weeks in South East Asia, it is hard to explain the alegria I feel to be back in Madrid, but here are 5 key points:

1. Wonderful weather. It’s damn hot, but it’s a lovely dry heat. (Washing dries on the line faster than a Porsche 911 reaches 60 mph!)

2. Sitting outside at night drinking cold beer on busy Madrid terrazas surrounded by beautiful Spanish people.

3. Croquetas. How I missed them.

4. Having my Macbook back – no more internet cafes (I am a sad geek, I admit it).

5. Ummm, well, I’m not sure there is a fifth, the above points cover food, drink, weather and work. What else does a man need?! (answers below please 😉 )