Spain Travel

I am not a tourist!

The best way to avoid being pick-pocketed, ripped off, abused even more by taxi drivers etc is, conventional wisdom would have it, not to look too much like a tourist. How do you achieve this? According to Dave Hall (aka Pepino) in a must read forum post on the subject:

“Avoid the absolute worst fashion crimes below, and you’ll be well on your way.

  • Dress for the season you’re in
  • Don’t have too much flesh on show (unless you’re on the beach)
  • Bikini tops are for the beach only (not for walking around shopping centres)
  • Wear subtle jewellery or single pieces of funky large accessories (not dripping in gold)
  • Try to avoid the typical British "combats/trainers/white socks/vest top” look (although, one individual part combined with something else can be absolutely fine)
  • Be careful with Burberry checks. Burberry’s still a great brand, but their famous check pattern has been hijacked by Chavs, so don’t touch it.
  • If you’re American, avoid the "nautical” look and DO NOT wear a plastic sun visor…. Ever! jeje
  • At the moment, big sunglasses are still very cool (Posh Spice’s are bigger than her head these days!)
  • No cheesewire knickers on show.”

What’s your top tip for blending in whilst in Spain?