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NFS Flickr Group – Spain Photo of the month

This image (see large version), caught my eye as I was browsing through the excellent offerings in our Flickr group this month. It made me think of the immigrants toiling away in terrible conditions in the mass-fruit-producing plastic greenhouses in Almeria.

As the author, Multum in parvo, explains, however, “it was actually on the road to Pozo Negro, a tiny fishing hamlet on the West coast of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. The Island is very barren and dry with very little cultivation to be seen. The road is through typically red, rocky soil and someone has obviously tried to grow something in this site as there is a vast area of ruined greenhouses. We saw the same ones last summer but much of the structure has now been dismantled and you can see the netting lying in rolls all over the ground. I suspect the whole thing will be gone soon. This time we managed to climb over the fence and go inside for a closer look, it’s very weird with black fastenings hanging from the ruined roof and the wind whipping the netting into fantastic shapes and making the most eerie noises. If you look at my Fuerteventura tags, you’ll see some shots of the road where the greenhouses are to get an idea of the colour and harshness of the landscape as well as pictures taken last year.”