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Dos Besos – Kissing the Spanish!

Cheek to cheek – two kisses, gently placed on either side. Go left (right cheeks meet) – muac – go right (left cheeks meet) – muac! This is the standard greeting for the Spanish, at least when male greets female, or female greets female.

Or so I thought! In one branch of Marina’s family the men also go for the dos besos shuffle when you walk though the door, and up until recently I’d managed to escape by shoving my hand out in a most British fashion. At this weekend’s family gathering, however, having 2 kissed Marina’s cousin, I turned, palm outstretched, to her boyfriend. ‘Ah, come on,’ he said, ‘give me two kisses!’ Stubbly right cheeks meet – muac – stubbly left cheeks – muac!

Like it or not, I’m getting more Spanish – or less British – all the time!