Help us define the future of Notes from Spain

Notes from Spain is over a year and a half old now and has grown into something neither Marina or I could have imagined. Most of this has been due to your involvement – commenting on the blog, listening to the podcasts, and joining in over at the forum. And now we find we have a vast project on our hands. NFS podcasts and posts cover travelling in Spain, living and working in Spain, food, not to mention the Notes in Spanish side of things. So, the question we would love you to answer, below in the comments, by e-mail, or in the forum, is, what would you like to change? What would you like to see more focus on? More travel? More about living and working here? More about (our) daily life in Spain? At the moment it feels like we have a (big and friendly!) monster on our hands, and we’d love to steer it gently into the future! Your opinions really count. Most of the good ideas on this site have come from you, the readers/listeners, forum-goers, so, please let us know what you think. Thanks, Ben and Marina.