Hello from India!

Amazing, a hotel with an internet connection! I am alive and well, though many of the 100 bikers that started the trip are not! There have been a few accidents and many are down with stomach problems and fever… But India… wow, what a country – we ride all day through vilages that are almost medeival in terms of living conditions, yet everyone greets us with radient smiles and enthusiastic waves. The landscape smells of jasmine, sandalwood and rose, and the locals are the most honest, helpful and kind I have found anywhwere in the world.

We have done 1000 k’s so far, through tea plantations, jungle, tiger country, lost beachs and arid plains and I have been left breathless by everything I have seen. So all is well, I’ve taken many photos (the Indians are SO happy to have their picture taken!) and recorded some audio. It’s impossible to sum up the experience in a single blog post, so look out for pics and a podcast when I get back… Saludos a todos! Ben