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Orange Trees – Naranjos

Whilst Ben is in India, absorbing every bit of the culture to tell us wonderful stories when he comes back, I scaped down to the Mediterranean coast for the weekend with my mother. We had a couple of lovely sunny days (quite windy for a bit) and as always lots of great food. My favourite was Paella eaten in the sunshine in a terrace with a sea view but we also had delicious Monkfish in a near by place. Actually I’ve come back full of ideas for the next cooking cast… but it will have to wait until Ben brings the equipment back.

However, the greatest of all was wandering trough an orange tree field that belongs to a friend of my mother – Mary – and being able to pick the Oranges directly from the tree. The views were very impresive and the oranges that she gave us to take back with us are excepcionally good. The sad part of the story is that she believes that most of the orange fields near the coast line around the area will be destroyed by holiday homes within 10 years… sad, isn’t it?

— Marina

Naranjos Ramita de Naranjas