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Notes From Spain Podcast no. 30! Oviedo

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After extreme weather driving to Oviedo, we begin in a restaurant in the centre of Oviedo, eating Fabada, a lettuce, onion and tomato salad, and ‘patatas a la importancia’ – important potatoes! I tell the story of a widow who is forced to live above her husband’s killer in the Basque country – see this Guardian article for the full story.

Next morning we visit the cathedral, where we hear a beautiful misa cantada – sung mass (the clip I play is a catholic version of what I know as the Lord’s Prayer…), and continue up into the hills outside Oviedo to see the churches of Santa Maria del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo.

The reconquest of Spain began in Asturias, at Covadonga, and the Asturians put up fierce resistance to Franco in the Civil War.

Also: we mention one of the finest mounain walks in Spain, the Ruta del Cares, the Cares Gorge. And if you are interested in teching English in Spain, check out my blog post here.

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Plaza Alfonso II

Oviedo Cathedral

Cathedral Porch

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