Vidcasts – Any ideas/requests?

The podcasts are going to be carrying on, hopefull at a rate of about three or four per month minimum, but I’ve had positive responses to the idea of vidcasts (or vcasts or video casts – just what are they called?) So now my thoughts are, what to put in a vid cast? I was thinking of short snippets on aspects of Spanish life, not me in front of a camera with a microphone, but something visually impressive – which makes me wonder where the video comes in when a stills camera does that so well already? So, beyond a few thoughts of my own, I’d love to hear from anyone with ideas of what a Notes from Spain vidcast should consist of, and if you have any requests for the podcasts or the blog while we’re at it, then all are really welcome!

Leave comments on this post or email me if you prefer. And thanks in advance for any input!