Rain? Really?

Could it be true? Apparently showers are expected right about now in Madrid. I haven’t seen it rain properly (more than a few drops on about two occasions) for around 9 months. Sometimes it seems like it will never rain again.

And yet not once have we been told to ration our water. The council continues to wash the streets at night with thousands of litres of water, golf courses and sierra house owners keep pouring water onto their grass… even London has had to drop its water pressure this summer to avoid loosing too much precious water to leaks… But no one seems worried here. The resevoirs keep going down, more golf courses keep opening up (65 new ones are planned in Valenica by 2015, and this is a region threatened in the long term by desertification!)

Well, let’s see if it manages to rain – I hope so, it always makes me feel nostalgic for those rainy days in the UK…