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One of the best things about the best blogs is that they send you away to other interesting places, something I’ve been forgetting of late. So here we go, a couple of interesting finds:

Did you know that the Nazis exterminated thousands of Spaniards during World War Two? I didn’t:

“At the end of the Spanish Civil War half a million of the losing Republicans fled across the Pyrenees to France. They hoped for refuge. They didn’t get it.”

Richard Morely has the full, fascinating story.

Meanwhile, in politics…

South of Watford points out that “the espionage scandal that is now almost inevitably being referred to as “Aguirregate” continues to attract attention.” Lets hope it attracts a full investigation!

And on the environmental front…

“…it is hideous, environmentally calamatous and a sin.” What is it? Find out here.

And finally, one of our own:

Our friend Isabel is still hanging out in the Spanish section of our forum helping all-comers with their written Spanish. Make the most of this chance to improve your Spanish, please!

Links that have nothing to do with Spain:

My friend Jackie has a brand new blog, and asks if Twitter is Twaddle (I’m still on the fence about that one – do leave her a comment!)

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book (or complete any long term creative project), read this.

Spain links

Good Old Spanish Customer Service…

Things come to a head when the power goes down at!

In other news, things are hotting up here in Spain, which means it’s siesta season again! Do you remember what to do?

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Spanish Divorcees and New TV

As I am away for a couple of days, I thought I would leave you with a couple of interesting links. I’ve often heard that getting divorced in Spain is not a particularly good idea for men (people complain that the women always get the kids for example, though I have no idea if that is true), but here’s an interesting quote:

I am a divorced man and according [to] spanish laws I don’t have the right to exist

Read the rest at Stigma Rest Room (thanks to Charles for sending in the link).

Secondly, I’m probably the last person to mention the cool new ‘A la Carte’ section of the state Televison Española website. You can watch the best (?) programming from the last seven days from TV1 and La 2, uninterupted by ads, whenever you like.

I imagine the ads will creep in later, once they get the metrics in, but in the meantime it meant that Marina got to catch up on the latest episode of 1920’s culebron La señora, and I could get a few minutes fix (all I can take) of the super OTT documentary Comando Actualidad, all whilst sitting beyond the frontiers of Spain. The service is pretty good, and increases my hopes for the future of efficient digital content delivery in Spain.

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For Spaniards who find Americans confusing…

Don’t worry… Help is at hand!

Spain links

September 2nd Links

The Spanish royal family is under attack over their financial affairs.

“House prices in Spain have risen at a faster pace than anywhere else in the eurozone over the past five years”… from the Guardian.

South of Watford suggests you take care if flying into Madrid Sur airport – could be an expensive mistake!

Off topic: Have a look at my great friend Tom’s website, Earthoria, from Thailand 🙂