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Spain’s Eco Future is Bright!


This ad pains me on so many levels I’m not sure where to start… Roughly translated as: “It’s name is the BioExplorer Insect Spy: Developer of Future Eco-Responsables” – I can’t even translate ‘eco-responsables’ but I guess the meaning is obvious – as the last line says, Suena muy cientifico, “Sounds very scientific”…

Sounds more like “very optimistic” to me – putting poor butterflies etc in small plastic tubes wouldn’t be my first approach to saving the planet, but who knows, good luck to ’em!

There is more to say, but I shan’t. Comments welcome.

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Spanish Government’s Overwhelming Optimism…

Spanish poster about starting a company in the crisis

The poster, for those that aren’t yet amazing at Spanish, reads, “Stop The Crisis, Start A Company”!

Just the ticket I’d say… the country is in economic ruin, you’ve just lost your job, things are looking pretty bleak… I know, why not start a company! After all, that’s easy in Spain – hardly any paperwork involved, and you only need €3,000 in cash or usable assets lying around to get going!

This should solve the country’s economic gloom in no time 😉