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Why Spain Great #4: Your thoughts…

OK, there are a million reasons why Spain is great, and after the first three entries, I could continue this series forever… But I’m off on holiday to find even more reasons why Spain is great, and in the mean time, I wanted to wrap this series up by asking YOU why you think Spain is great.

But first of all, here are my final thoughts, a few more of the things that Make Spain Great:

1. Professional waiters who’ve been in the job for life and don’t do a bad job while simultaneously trying to charm you for tips.

2.Eating and drinking on outdoor Terrazas in summer when the air buzzes with happiness.

3.Spanish girls in summer (OK, all year round…)

4. The amazing diverstiy of landscapes from the green north to the deserts of Almeria, the mountains, plains and sierras…

5. Morcilla.

6. San Sebastian, Granada and Cadiz.

7. The fact that friendly Spanish people aren’t scared to touch your baby’s feet.

8. … or touch each other in conversation without flinching.

9. Dos besos.

10. Over to You – What would you put at number 10? Answers in the comments below please!