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Tapas Made in Heaven: Sobrasada Con Queso Brie


First couple of times I tried Sobrasada, I thought it was only mildly more appetizing than sucking prawns out of brains, sorry, other way round – it’s the vino tinto coursing through my veins.

You see I just got back from the local ‘Extremeño‘, the Extremaduran bar on the corner, where they do the most fantastic ‘tostas‘ – bits of toast with marvellously delicious things on top.

This time Sobrasada (sort of mushy Chorizo) and warm Brie – that and a glass (OK 2… and a beer in the park… I’m trying to relax por dios), and uno está muy, pero MUY contento.

Can’t help thinking though, Brie being French, could this be Nuevo Cocina? Is Madrid the new culinary Cataluña? You know, inventive combinations and all that… do hope so!