Spanish Economic Crisis = Cheap Sandwiches

We were in our favourite local (smoke free 🙂 ) bar today, when the waitress came round with a tray of tasty looking jamon Iberico rolls announcing ‘Pulgas de la crisis a 80 centimos’ (“Crisis ham rolls for 80 cents”).

This is a very good deal, but I’ve got a feeling it’s more a product of an enterprising bar owner than anything else.

There is evidence of ‘la crisis’ in some sectors clearly (over 30% of Spain’s GNP is based directly or indirectly on the totally-ruined construction business), but in other apparently troubled sectors, such as the media, it seems that some canny CEO’s may just be using ‘La Crisis’ as an excuse to kick out a percentage of their less than productive staff members.

Still, harsh realities aside (and I don’t want to mock those horribly effected by this economic downturn that looks set to last at least another year in Spain), you can’t beat cheap ham sandwiches, especially when it’s Jamon Iberico! Looking forward to ‘Crisis Vino Tinto a 50 centimos’ next…