Notes from Spain Forum Boost!

Aplogies for the complete lack of blog posting this week. Call myself a blogger? It’s a disgrace!

Part of the reason for the silence has been due to working a little on our wonderful Spain and Spanish forums.

When I started the forums, the aim was to build the best Spain and Spanish speaking forums on the net, a goal I think in many ways we have reached, and I still stick to 100%.

With that in mind, this week we arranged for one of our great friends, Isabel, to start coming in for an hour a day to help out with people’s Spanish.

We’re going to try this out for a couple of weeks, and hopefully continue afterwards if people enjoy having a Spanish ‘profe’ around.

So far results have been great. In the last two days we have had nearly 200 new members, and Isabel’s first ‘Hola’ post has, right now, 87 replies. The forum is buzzing with all the new faces, which is wonderful news.

So, I’d just like to invite everyone again to register and use the friendliest forum on the net. Whenever you have ANY questions about living or travelling in Spain, or learning Spanish, you know where to go to get a host of great answers. Do register if you haven’t yet, and say hi!

And if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the forum further, do let me know.

Saludos from Madrid,