In Deepest Spain – DJ Rocks The Wedding

Get down DJ!

3 a.m. at a family wedding this weekend in the depths of Castilla y Leon, not far from Valladolid, and the Grease MegaMix was playing full blast. Revellers hips were grinding (even those that had been recently replaced), and rivers of ‘Ron con CocaCola’ were flowing from the ‘barra libre’.

My Spanish brother-in-law pointed out the guy in charge of the music and said, “¡Por Dios! Look at the DJ! A middle aged guy with full-on moustache, jersey picked out by his mum, and specs. He looks just like a Guardia Civil! For god’s sake don’t put him on your blog, you’ll make Spain look completely ridiculous!”

Don’t worry, I said, I’ll keep the photo to myself 😉