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Organic Food and Moving Your Dog to Spain – NFS Forum

We recently started ordering big boxes of beautiful organic vegetables about once a week. Not only does this hopefully guarentee a better quality of produce, but it also saves a few bag-laden trips back from the supermarket! Marina writes about the different companies we have tried in the forum, see this thread, 3 posts down from the top: Ordering Organic Food in Spain

Hot Dog

Dave Hall (Pepino) has great advice for anyone thinking about bringing a dog to Spain, 4 posts down in this thread: Moving a dog to Spain. My favourite part of his advice is:

2. Traffic. I see loads of people walking dogs in the street off their leads, and it’s truly amazing how the dogs seem to instinctively know the pavement from the road (better trained than most UK children!!) My dog is well-behaved for the most part and wouldn’t run away from me, but has no actual road sense and would happily bumble stupidly into the road if something catches his eye. He wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes in Barcelona

This constantly amazes me too, they can’t all be that well trained? It must have got into the Spanish canine genetics!

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