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Spain Quiz: How much of a Spanoholic are you?

Let’s find out just how much you know! How many of the questions below can you answer without using Google or other online search engines, wiki’s etc to help you? Answers in the comments please, and remember, if you use Google etc to help you, please do not enter your answer here!

The prize: huge amounts of Kudos to anyone who gets all 12 questions right! Full respect for anyone that knows 9 or more. A few points for anyone that knows more that 6, and nout for the rest of you 🙂

Quiz time!

1. Where do the lovers lie of which it is said ‘stupid her, stupid him’?

2. This photo was taken from a vast protrusion of rock overlooking a very pleasant Mediterranean town not far from Alicante? What is the name of the rocky mass, and the town it looks over?

3. Who created the combs of the wind, and where are they?

4. In, for example, 1998, how many ‘duros’ were there in ‘un kilo’, and what is each of these?

5. Name this vertiginous nothern walk, the mountain range it starts in, and both of the villages it links:

6. Name two things you often find floating in the top of a Sopa Castellana.

7. In which northerly port is the football pitch in the photo below located, and what is the name of the stadium?

8. What is Tarifa often claimed to have the highest rate of in Spain, and why?

9. Where is the Puerto del Suspiro del Moro and why is it so named?

10. In what classic Spain novel did the earth move, and for whom?

11. In which city does this crazy biannual competition take place?

12. Which is the 5th biggest city in Spain?

Answers below, and remember, no Google etc!

Update: Wow, all the correct answers are in, in less that 12 hours! Scroll down the comments until you see CORRECT ANSWERS HERE printed 3 times (about comment no. 27) to read the summary. Well done all, and you can still test your Spain knowledge if you haven’t taken the quiz yet – let us know how you do!