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Election Special – Poor Mrs Rajoy

Rajoy and Zapatero
(Photos courtesy wikipedia)

My favourite online trash news site had some thrilling election news today that I shall happily copy here for our general amusement (they did the same for me a while back, after all).

According to their front page article, beardy Mr Rajoy, leader of the aging and hopefully doomed-again-this-time-round Partido Popular, is unable to find time for sex in the two week campaign leading up to the general election next Sunday, March 9th. (That’s right, friends from America, the campaign here lasts just two weeks! Imagine that!) Zapatero, on the other hand, like naughty footballers before a big match, sees sex in the lead up to the big day as perfectly possible.

More thrilling tidbits from the article include:

How often do the candidates shower at the moment?

Rajoy: Once a day
ZP: Twice a day

How much do they sleep at night?

Rajoy: 7.5 hours
ZP: 6.5 hours

Who chooses their clothes?

Zapatero: Himself
Rajoy: His wife gives him a hand

Who prays?

Rajoy: Before bed every night
ZP: Nope

So, who would you vote for? The lazy religious beardy guy who sleeps more, washes less, doesn’t like nooky, and can’t dress himself in the morning? Or the sporty clean guy, who won’t let an election get in the way of the finer things in life?