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How much TV do you watch?

The answer in our house at the moment is a big fat Zero as our TV has just broken.

Apparently though the biggest TV watchers in Spain are down in Andalusia, where the average is nearly 4 hours a day, or 236 minutes, which is just above the national average of 223 minutes, an average which is slightly skewed by the vast majority of over-65-year-olds in Spain who watch over 5 hours of god-knows-what (adverts?) per day. (More stats here, in Spanish).

Young people watch barely 2 hours per day, as they are too busy chatting each other up on the internet (most of Spain has gooood broadband).

Anyway, back to the harsh reality that has befallen our household. The TV has broken. While we usually watch at least one film or episode of some US export (Desperate Housewives, Heroes etc) every night, the lack of TV led to a particularly pleasant evening last night, flicking through old coffee table books and listening to music.

But how long can we hold out? There’s got to be a 32 inch HDTV with our name on it somewhere in the Corte Ingles…

How important is the TV in your lives?