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The 10 BEST things about Spain

And finally, also by popular request, my last list of the week. Please feel free to add to it.

The BEST things about Spain:

1. The food – the variation in all the different provinces, from Salmorejo in Cordoba, to Fabada in Asturias, Pinxtos in San Sebastian, Arroz in Valencia, tapas in Leon, and everything else in between!

2. The outdoor lifestyle – who doesn’t love eating, drinking, and living outside?

3. The strong sense of family – Spaniards work hard to keep the family important, it’s a shame other cultures focus less on this as time goes on.

4. The climate. Of course!

Spanish wine!

6. The Spanish are generally happy people who take pride in showing others the best of Spain (in many other countries people are often too quick to criticise their own culture, and there us nothing wrong with a bit of national pride).

If I don’t say the pretty girls then someone else will! 😉

8. Small traders still giving ‘trato personal’ – the supermarkets haven’t put everyone out of business yet.

9. The landscapes – From the lush green north, to the mighty Pyrenees, the deserts of Almeria, the Alpujarras, the Rias in Galicia, the wilds of Extremadura… the variety is unimaginable until you start to see it all for yourself.

10. What would YOU put for number 10?