Living in Spain

Come to Spain, it’s sunny in November!

Blue Sky over Madrid

I’ve had a couple of pretty depressed calls from friends and family in the UK this week, one of whom mentioned a disease that I’d completely forgotten existed: S.A.D. – Seasonal Affective Disorder, defined by wikipedia as “winter depression”, brought on by grey skies, lack or light, and bad weather.

S.A.D. is one of the main things that drove me out of the UK and into Spain 9 years ago – the thought of another winter in London was too much to cope with – but until this week I had completely forgotten this affliction even existed! The simple fact is that in Spain S.A.D. doesn’t exist at all! There is too much sunlight!

So if you are feeling down, come to Spain for a while… Still not convinced? The photos above and below are of the pure, sunny blue sky that I have been looking at over Madrid, uninterrupted, for as many weeks as I can remember. Come soon and see it for yourself…

Blue Sky over Madrid