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Skip hire and Spain’s inability to keep up on the web

Ben in a skip
Ben and sister-in-law in skip…
I love skips. When I was young my father had a skip hire business and I spent a lot of time jumping in and out of and tossing stuff into them. We always seemed to have one at home, though I have no idea how we managed to keep filling them. So, how happy I was to hire one this morning for the in-laws place in the sierra. While they are away we plan to throw out a whole load of crap, which will either lead to a nice surprise on their return or the start of an almighty arguement (“I can’t believe you got rid of my X”).
Anyway, to get said skip I went to the web and did indeed find someone to bring one over on the same day (130 euros for 2 weeks, not bad). However, it was impossible to find out how big a skip we needed. None of the websites I came to via would tell me what a 10 cubic metre skip looked like. They didn’t even have photos or prices. So I put ‘skip sizes’ into google, and came up with a gem of a website in the Uk where they have actually unploaded videos showing you how big each skip size is. Click here for some classic footage of a 10 cubic yard model. Just what I needed (once I worked out how to convert from cubic yards to meters). Now there is a company that gets the web (they even have a skip blog!)
How long until the web shows this level of usefulness in Spain? Could be a while in a country that, unlike the UK, France, and Germany, doesn’t even have Amazon.ES