9 and 35

Yesterday marked the 9 year anniversary of my arrival in Spain. Moving here was the best decision I ever made. I remember that on the day I left my friend Jono took me to the station in Waterloo to take the train to Paris, from where I would take another to Madrid. He told me that I was incredibly brave, which I thought sounded ridiculous. It didn’t feel brave, it felt completely insane! Anyway, the photo on the left is me at the Jerez sherry fiesta in May this year, in my element, en mi salsa, feeling pretty damn good about having made that move. If you are thinking about doing something similarly insane, just do it! Things can only go horribly wrong, but chances are they will go horribly right.

Oh, and I’m 35 today, and still feeling about 28, thanks, no doubt, to the good life in Spain 🙂