Facebook and Twitter – Thoughts…

Further to a discussion in the forum… After a couple of weeks with Facebook I find it quite fun to check in once a day to see what my friends may be up to, and I do actually receive one or two internal emails from facebook now, which proves it has gained people’s involvement and trust. But it occasionally can be tiring having to install new applications every time someone sends me a drink, zombies me, wants to play me at scrabble etc, and ultimately the closed nature of it is a bit annoying (not being able to see more about people, i.e. their full profile, without being invited to do so as their friend etc)… Still, it’s fun, and fun is good! Plus quite a few people have befriended me via NFS which is great. I’m here, put something on my super-wall, or join our Notes in Spanish group!

Twitter… I don’t know if I want to start using twitter as a way of having endless conversations with people, and I certainly don’t need the sms text messaging side of it, but I do like it as a micro-blogging system for passing on interesting things that I wouldn’t normally put on Notesfromspain, e.g. interesting links, notes on great books etc. As web-guru Dave Winer puts it:

It’s a micro-blogging system. Posts are limited to 140 characters. Enough for a bit of text and a link. This is a powerful idea, but not a new one.

I agree, and as such have stuck a little list with my latest three twitters in the right-hand sidebar of this blog as an experiment. I recently decided to give up due to lack of time to update it regularly with the kind of things I originally thought I wanted to, but I think my twitters might be a nice micro-replacement, and the NFS side-bar list provides a great way of keeping a few off-topic notes from Ben within NFS.

So, verdict so far:

FacebooK: pretty good fun, jury still deciding on how useful it is…
Twitter: looking interesting!

…just my 2 cents! What do you reckon?