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Jamon Iberico, Egg and Chips – Heaven!

Jamon egg and chips!

This might like look like another Spanglish culinary mash-up, but beleive me, there is no shame in ordering a plate of Jamon Iberico, egg and chips on your travels around Spain. In fact, sumptuously salty ham, sticky egg yolk, and plump chips fried in olive oil go so well together that you might very well ask why, with this on a menu, you would ever order anything else! On a recent trip to Malaga we became so enamoured by this dish that my father and I ate it two nights in a row, washed down with a nice glass or two of vino blanco.

When we returned to the city a week later we headed straight for the same meal, discovered that the restaurant that served it had Sunday nights off, and spent the rest of the evening feeling mildly depressed (well, until we decided to go and have supper in the Parador instead 😉 )

More on Malaga, Paradores, and our trip down south, soon…