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Don’t defame the Spanish royals!

We were surprised on our recent trip to Thailand to see how much the Royal family are revered – so much so that on Mondays around half the population wear yellow t-shirts in honour of the king. What’s more, saying, printing, acting etc in any way that is defamatory to the Royal family can lead to serious trouble (a Swiss man was briefly jailed recently for drunkenly spray painting graffiti on pictures of the king, youtube is banned in Thailand for hosting a defamatory video about the king).

Well, it appears that every now and again similar measures can be applied to the press in Spain should they step out of line with their highnessess. Here is this weeks link:

“Royal romp cartoon lands Spanish magazine in trouble” – Yup, problems for El Jueves, who are still sporting the banned cover illustration on their site at the time of writing The image can now be seen here (not safe for work…)

Hmmm, what’s the Spanish for “freedom of speech?”