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News: ETA to end ceasefire

ETA says their ceasefire with Spain and the Spanish government will end at 00.00 hours tomorrow, Wednesday, when they shall return to a defense of their principles with arms. Zapatero’s government is blamed.

Oh well, balls to optimism then. When ETA announced their ceasefire in March last year I, for one, was optimistic. After all, don’t we live in an age where, in politically advanced democracies, internal terrorism just doesn’t seem like a viable option any more? Changing attitudes since 9/11 and all that… How sorry I was then, when that ceasefire was originally announced, to see so many Spaniards on the TV declaring that this was just another smokescreen, that it was a meaningless gesture that wouldn’t last a year. Yet how right the pessimists, or perhaps they are realists, were. Where oh where does the process go from here?

December’s Barajas airport bombing obviously didn’t bode well.
BBC: Eta to end ceasefire with Spain ETA anuncia en un comunicado que da por finalizado el alto el fuego