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Regional elections in Spain

Yesterday was regional elections day here in Spain. The general opinion is that it was a bit of a draw between the big guys, the PP and the ruling PSOE. As I have far more fun analyzing wild Spanish Fiestas and Tapas, I thought I should leave it up to other eminent Spain bloggers to let you know exactly what went down.

Matthew at The Big Chorizo summarises reactions from the press, and concludes that:

“nobody really won; it was about as close to a draw as you can get in politics”

Nicholas Mead suggests that Zapatero’s PSOE may not have done themselves any favours in recent years:

“… many have probably been moved by moral indignation at Prime Minister Jose Zapatero’s initiatives to legalise gay marriage, grant more autonomy to the various regions and re-compensate those that were wronged during the civil war.”

Amy makes an interesting point at Show me… Spain:

One thing that did impress me was that the voter turnout was around 64%! And that was down 4% from the last elections. I think the 2004 presidential elections in the US saw about 40% turnout. Pretty shameful in comparison. A lot of Spanish people complain that the parties are all the same and nothing ever changes. The same complaints that you hear in the US. But at least the Spanish people still get out and vote.

Colin Davies gives us a run through of the actual voting process (5 people to check your identity and receive your voting slip!)

My voting experience yesterday was like the vast majority of personal interactions in Spain – very enjoyable, involving much smiling and even a bit of a chat [….] In short, people and paper intensive but quick and pleasant.

Thanks guys!

Due to my usual political apathy I didn’t vote – I never did the paperwork, returned the relevant letter, or whatever it was I was supposed to do. I regret this now, and see that I should be taking a greater interest in the inner workings of the place I call home. I shall make sure I exercise my right help choose who’s in charge of Madrid next time round.