Living in Spain

Your Q and A – sorry for the delay!

First of all, many many apologies for the delay in answering the questions posted here on the site some time ago. We have decided that the best way to answer these questions, and get feedback from others, is to post them, along with our answers where possible, in the forums. If the format works, we’ll try it again on a regular basis. So, here are the questions, with links to the answers. Please do join in in the forums if you can help!

Brandon – I’m in my early twenties and planning to move to Spain within a year. I’d like to know what to expect as far as what people my age (22, college age, generally) do when they go out. I imagine it may not be a whole lot different from what people my age around the world do, but is there any of those "only in Spain” things that we talk about so often here? What’s a typical night out for a Madrid college student or twenty-something? Answers here

Mark – I’d just be interested to find out about job opportunities for those with basic Spanish language and sorting out rented accomodation. Answers here

Brandon – I’m with Mark; I’d also really to hear about/from some Americans who are working there, since that would be my situation – not just my situation, but also Mateo’s on the forum, and others as well, I’m sure. We hope to do a podcasts on this soon.

Patty – I’m biking the Camino de Santiago in mid-May and also will have several days to spend in Madrid. One thing I’d like to know is what might be some unique activities to do with my Spanish friends, beyond the obvious tapa-bar hopping. They are in their early 30s, and one idea we have now is to go to the opera, which they have never done. Any other suggestions? Answers here

Pepino (Dave Hall) – My question is really basic, but it confuses me and it’d be nice to have a clear idea. Basically, I’m not a coffee drinker – can’t stand the stuff, so I know nothing about the different types, and when I’m with friends from the UK who want me to order for them, I have no idea what’s what. Can someone give me a quick run down of all the popular Spanish names for different coffees, along with their English equivalent name (if it exists) and a quick explanation of what is particular about each coffee? Also, are their any English types of coffee that are just not available in Spain, as I could do with knowing about that too. Thanks! 🙂 Answers here

Jemma Watts – I’m soon to visit the white villages of Andalucia. I am a food photographer and would like to combine my holiday with interest in the local cuisine and any recipes/cooking methods/eating habits/festivals/traditions stories etc that are typical of that region of Spain. Are you able to help with any suggestions? Answers here

Beatriz – I am looking at moving to Madrid in the next 6 months (have spanish citizenship) and am looking for employment agencies that I could contact to see what kind of jobs I would be best suited for with my skills. Thank you. Answers here

Peppy – Hi! I live in Russia and my native language is Russian. I have started learning Spanish a couple of months ago in order to move to Spain some day. But first I need to receive a job invitation from Spanish company (or the company that has its office in Spain) as Russians do need contract to get visa. Could you please advice any good headhunting Spanish sites where I can search for job offers for strangers, but not native English speakers. I know lots of Spanish companies are doing business with Russia but how to find one looking for the employee. Answers here

Tarana – I am a twenty-something looking to move to Spain. My plan is to go there and learn spanish for 3 months at a school and then apply to many companies as I can. Anyone out there in the same boat? As a non Spanish speaking foreigner, how is life going to be in Barcelona ? Answers here