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Football analysis…

…is best left to bloggers. Backstory: Seville’s two big soccer clubs, Sevilla and Betis, meet in a Copa del Rey clash on Wednesday. A bottle is thrown hitting Sevilla manager Juande Ramos on the head, rendering him unconscious and the match is stopped. Turns out much of the manager’s presidents’ behaviour in the lead up to the game may not have helped calm overenthusiastic behaviour by fans. Over to the bloggers… From South of Watford:

Football clubs in Spain frequently seem to be run by megalomaniac businessmen with a mental age and maturity that would leave most three year olds feeling a bit superior. The two clubs in Sevilla are excellent examples of this.

…some might subsititute the term ‘businessmen’ for mafiosos. Rod places blame firmly in the same camp:

No doubt inquests and serious recriminations will follow. Obviously, the fan who threw this is in the end to blame. But should not the directors who have been behaving like children – see the previous post – also take some responsibility?

Personally I think the media should also take some of the blame, no doubt they played their usual role in stirring things up before the game.