A plug for a friend’s crazy/worthy bike adventure!

My friend Chris, who I met on my own crazy charity motorbike adventure in India last year, is planning to drive 3,500 miles around the entire British Isles coastline on a stepthrough Honda Cub90 moped – top speed: pretty slow! The ride is in aid of the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young. Check out his aptly named website ‘Mission Implausible‘ and do sponsor him if you can!

Great quotes from the site: “Each day will involve around 250 miles of riding, and I could be on the road for ten or eleven hours at a time, not allowing for any breakdowns I may suffer. Navigation will be difficult, as I have almost no sense of direction …. There is also considerable comedy value in a sixteen-stone, shaven-headed and bearded biker putting along on a stepthrough that simply can’t be ignored.” Help Chris out at

(Time to plan my route round Spain on the Vespa I think!)