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January 6th – Happy Reyes!

RosconThis is a big day in Spain, as families all over the country get together to exchange presents and eat Roscon (a ring-shaped, cream-filled cake with a plastic toy hidden in the middle – whoever gets the slice with the toy pays for next year’s Roscon).

The name, Los Reyes, refers to the three Kings who supposedly brought gifts to Jesus, hence the present giving. Although some families do now give children presents on December 24th as well (to keep them busy over the rest of the Christmas period), this is the big day. Here in Madrid my sister-in-law has just been on the phone saying “Hurry over, the Reyes have left something for you”, so it’s time to get going. Two questions: can I eat Roscon at this time in the morning (10:30), and I wonder what I’ll get!?