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ETA Update – more explosives found

The situation with ETA is vexing. They still have not officially claimed responsibility for the bomb at Barajas airport that exploded at the weekend killing at least one Ecuadorian (and probably another, who is still missing), which leads many to suspect that this latest blast is the work of a new pro-violence and anti-peace-process faction of the terrorist organisation.

Whether that is the case or not, it is clear that they did use the last 9 months to rearm, just as they have done in other “ceasefires” in the past. Clearly it will be difficult to trust them again. Hopes were very high last year amongst much of the Spanish population, and the bomb at Barajas made a mockery of all those who, like me, believed that this time things could be different.

Today another 100 kilos of explosive, ready to be deployed, were discovered in the Basque country. The Prime Minister, Jose Luis Zapatero, still speaks in terms of the “suspension”, rather than the “end”, of the peace process, but it seems likely he will have to give up that line if he is to win the next elections. People are fed up with the concept of dialogue with terrorists and it is clear that ETA, in whatever shape or form, are back in full force.

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